112 kg of marijuana seized, 3 people detained and drug warehouse closed

Thanks to the cooperation of officers from the Bug River Border Guard and the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police, suspects were arrested of participating in an organized criminal group whose members smuggled drugs from Spain to Poland.

During extensive operations, the transport of drugs was seized, and the warehouse in which drugs were stored in Warsaw was liquidated.

In total, over 112 kg of marijuana worth over PLN 5.5 million was seized, as well as property belonging to suspects worth PLN 200 thousand. zloty. If drugs hit the black market, they could be broken down into over 100,000. dealer portions. The circumstances of the investigation are explained by the National Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin.

Officers from the Bug River Border Guard Unit in Chełm found people involved in drug smuggling. It turned out that the policemen from the Warsaw Central Bureau of Police Investigation had also been working on a gang dealing with drug smuggling on a large scale for some time.

As a result of further actions, both services joined forces and, under the supervision of the Lublin Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, an investigation was initiated regarding the intra-Community trade of drugs from Spain to Poland.

The preliminary findings of the investigation show that the prohibited substances were carefully hidden between legal freight to make it difficult to detect them during a possible inspection. All indications are that over 50 kg of drugs were transported at one time.

Extensive activities of the officers of the Bug River Border Guard and the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police led to the identification of the vehicle used for smuggling. 

In the course of dynamic activities, 2 people were detained and 79 kg of marijuana were seized. It was a batch of drugs that arrived in Warsaw from Spain, hidden in furniture. Another part of marijuana, i.e. 33 kg, was revealed at the place of residence of the third detainee, also in Warsaw. One of the rooms was used as a drug store. 

In total, during the action, the officers secured over 112 kg of marijuana with a black market value of approximately PLN 5.5 million. In addition, property belonging to the suspects, worth approx. PLN 200,000, was disclosed and secured. PLN and illegal ammunition.