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Two citizens from Lithuanian and five Belarusian citizens who had smuggled cigarettes apprehended

Last Friday night, the officers of the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Vilnius Border Team together with their colleagues from the Special Purpose Division checked the information they had about the possible transportation of illegal cargo.

In a hangar on the outskirts of the capital, border guards struck seven men loading cardboard boxes from a DAF semi-trailer into a stationary Volkswagen Transporter.

It turned out that the semi-trailer is equipped with a hiding place – a double floor adapted for the transport of smokers. According to preliminary data, a total of 60 boxes of NZ and Minsk cigarettes marked with Belarusian stamps were found in the cavity and in the minibus. The exact amount of smokers is still to be determined, but it is estimated that the smugglers transported at least 30,000. packets of cigarettes.

The seven men in the detention range from 23 to 52 years old. Two of them are Lithuanians, residents of Vilnius and Lentvaris, the remaining five are citizens of Belarus.

Five more vehicles were found here – a minibus and four cars. According to them, the smugglers arrived at the hangar, where they were caught.