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Seized weapons, ammunition, drugs and liquidated warehouse of illegal anabolic agents

12 detained persons, seized weapons, ammunition, machetes, drugs, anabolics and PLN 1.2 million in cash are the result of the actions of officers from the Carpathian Department of the Border Guard, CBŚP, Internal Security Agency and the National Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The detainees are suspected of smuggling and marketing drugs, as well as the production and distribution of anabolics. It is suspected that they could earn at least PLN 32 million from this practice.

Officers from the Carpathian Border Guard Unit together with Police officers from the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police Board in Krakow, under the supervision of the Małopolska Branch Department of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, conducted an investigation into an organized criminal group operating in Poland and other countries European Union. Among the suspects are people associated with the milieu of hooligans of various sports clubs. There are already 82 suspects in the investigation.

While performing the tasks, the Border Guard and CBŚP were supported by officers of the Internal Security Agency and the Implementation Teams of CBŚP and BG. The activities were carried out in the Dolnośląskie and Łódzkie voivodships, where 12 people aged 30 to 50 were detained.

The collected evidence shows that the suspects have been able to smuggle into Poland over the last few years at least 700 kg of drugs with a black market value of approximately PLN 14 million. In addition, they were able to market 850 kg of various drugs worth about PLN 17 million in the European Union. According to investigators, suspects in the country were probably involved in the production and distribution of illegal anabolic substances worth about PLN 1 million. The charges against the suspects concerned drug crimes and the production of illegal anabolic agents.

During the actions, the officers searched several dozen apartments and places used by the suspects, seizing, among others, weapons, 235 ammunition, machetes, amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and over 42 thousand. anabolic agents. The officers also secured cell phones, exclusive watches and PLN 1.2 million in cash. Only from one of the suspects, the officers seized over PLN 1.1 million in cash, which was hidden in a paper bag from a discount store. Additionally, real estate for the total amount of over PLN 9 million was secured against future penalties. The secured evidence will now be carefully analyzed by investigators.