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281 foreigners caught trying to enter Poland illegally from Belarus

From the 28th to 30th of October 281 foreigners trying to enter Poland illegally from Belarus were revealed. 6 traffickers who illegally crossed the border were also arrested.

The incidents were recorded along the entire section of the border with Belarus, protected by the Podlasie Border Guard Unit. The interventions were carried out by officers from 11 Border Guard Posts . The largest number of attempts to cross the border illegally (126) took place on Saturday, on Friday there were 76 such incidents, on Sunday – 79. The foreigners came from both African and Middle Eastern countries. They are citizens of as many as 18 countries: Afghanistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Congo, Morocco, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Tajikistan, Comoros, Somalia and Sudan.

Several groups of foreigners (the groups were noticed by Polish patrols at the technical barrier) retreated deep into Belarus. On the section of the official responsibility of the Border Guard Postin Bobrowniki, migrants entered the territory of Poland by crossing the Świsłocz river. In the vicinity of the Border Guard Post in Płaska, 39 people crossed the border by boat through the Augustów Canal.

6 couriers were detained in the area of ​​Mielnik, Krynek, Bobrownik and Michałów. Citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Poland tried to transport 36 people who had illegally crossed the Polish-Belarusian border.