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31 foreign citizens hidden in two means of transport, detected by the Romanian border police

At the Romanian Nădlac II Border Crossing Point , Arad county, a Romanian citizen, driving a van, appeared on the way out of the country, at the wheel of a road assembly. According to the documents presented, the driver was transporting two pallets on the Romania-Austria route.

In cooperation with the border police from ITPF Timişoara, the border police from Arad proceeded to carry out a thorough check on the means of transport, on which occasion 21 persons, foreign citizens, were discovered hidden.

During the checks, it was established that among them, 20 are from Bangladesh and one is from Pakistan, all appearing as having entered our country legally.

Also, last night, around 8:30 p.m., following a control carried out on a road assembly, led by a Romanian citizen, 10 other people, nine from Bangladesh and one from Guinea, were discovered hidden among foil packages.

All the above-mentioned persons declared to the border police that they intended to arrive fraudulently in a state in Western Europe.