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331 foreigners trying to illegally enter our country were revealed between 18 and 20 August

85 attempts to cross the Polish border illegally were recorded. 4 couriers were also detained that day. In the Białowieża region, a citizen of Belarus transported 3 citizens of Syria, 2 citizens of Afghanistan and a citizen of Algeria, and a citizen of Ukraine 2 Syrian citizens. In turn, in the vicinity of Dubicze Cerkiewne, a Moldovan citizen who was transporting 4 Syrian citizens was detained. Another detained courier is an Azerbaijani national transporting 5 Afghan nationals. Both Saturday and Friday, 123 people trying to enter Poland illegally were revealed. On Saturday, on the part of the Border Guard Post’s official responsibility in Białowieża, migrants tried to cross the border rivers of Przewłaka and Leśna Praw.

Events related to illegal migration have been recorded in sections protected by Border Guard posts: in Białowieża, Narewka, Dubicze Cerkiewne, Kuźnica and Czeremcha. The migrants revealed over the weekend came from many parts of the world. They included citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea, India, Algeria, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Guinea, Yemen, Sudan and Egypt.

All couriers (apart from charges for aiding and abetting illegal border crossings) will be additionally subject to administrative proceedings in order to issue a decision obliging them to return to their country of origin. They will also be banned from entering the Schengen area for 5 to 10 years.

From the beginning of this year on the section protected by the Podlasie Border Guard Unit, 461 helpers and organizers were detained in illegal border crossing.