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A Colombian citizen arrested in Brunete (Madrid), leader of the Organized Crime Group “Los Pachenca”

Among the facts that are imputed to the detainee, the murder of an environmental activist in April 2020 stands out

To carry out this operation, the Civil Guard has had the collaboration of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL (DIJIN) of the Colombian National Police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

A Colombian citizen arrested in Brunete (Madrid), leader of the Organized Crime Group “Los Pachenca”
The Civil Guard has arrested in the Madrid town of Brunete the Colombian citizen FCC, known in his country as “Pinocho” or “El Ganadero”, 41 years old and claimed by the National Court as a result of an extradition process requested by the Colombian authorities for a crime of homicide and belonging to a criminal organization.

This person is considered in Colombia as the leader of the Organized Crime Group “Los Pachenca”, a position he held after several arrests of other historical leaders of this criminal group.

In the same way, the Colombian authorities indicate that this person has more than 18 years of criminal history, with strong ties to other criminal groups such as “Los Mellizos” and the “Frente Resistencia Tayrona”, playing a clear role as coordinator of drug trafficking under the command of Hernán Giraldo, alias “El Patron de la Sierra”, considered by the same authorities to be responsible for several cases of sexual abuse of minors in Colombia.

In 2008, FCC was already extradited to the United States where he served a four-year sentence for drug trafficking. After returning to his native country, he led an apparently normal life, until he learned that the Colombian authorities intended to formally accuse him and, under the pretext of having received threats against his life, he left the country, finally taking refuge in Spain.

The investigation in our country has been carried out by the Justice Escape Team of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit, with the collaboration of the Colombian National Police, beginning last October.

During this time, the investigators have managed to locate several relatives and relatives of the now detained person, subjecting several of them and their closest environment to continuous monitoring and discreet surveillance, until finally the presence of the FCC in the Madrid municipality could be confirmed. Brunete, where he was arrested last Wednesday.

“The Pachencas”

“Los Pachencas” have their origins in the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, like other criminal groups such as the well-known Clan del Golfo, all of them with the common objective of controlling drug trafficking in different areas of Colombia, from which a conflict between the two clans mentioned for disputing control of the Colombian Caribbean in terms of drug trafficking.

In addition to controlling drug trafficking, “Los Pachencas” also profit financially from extortion of merchants and residents of certain tourist areas with permanent income, as well as from the sale of land, forcing their owners to sell it and charging commissions for it.

In fact, FCC is accused in its country of the murder of an environmental activist leader, a group that is highly attacked by different criminal factions in Colombia, as is the case, not linked to the one detained in Spain by the Civil Guard, of the recent murder of a teenager 14-year-old who led an indigenous youth association in defense of their lands, events that caused great social commotion in the South American country and for which two members of the FARC were arrested by the Colombian authorities.

The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National High Court, which has ordered prison for him this morning.