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A criminal group dedicated to the torture, kidnapping and settling of members of rival gangs disbanded in the Netherlands

In the operation, six people have been arrested in the Netherlands and seven soundproofed cargo transport containers have been located and prepared to keep people inside
They had elements to immobilize and torture their victims – shackles anchored to the ground or chairs with straps – as well as tools and utensils to attack them

In a joint investigation by the National Police and the Netherlands, a criminal group allegedly dedicated to the torture, kidnapping, and reckoning of members with rival gangs has been broken up. In the operation, six people in the Netherlands were arrested in connection with the Mocro mafia – a mafia of Moroccan origin dedicated to drug trafficking based in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, seven soundproof transport containers have been located, prepared to keep people inside, which had elements to immobilize and torture their victims – shackles anchored to the ground or chairs with straps – as well as tools and utensils to attack them.

Last April, a collaboration request was received within the framework of a European Investigation Order, led by the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office and by the National Court, which was carried out by the National Police of the Netherlands and Spain. From the investigation carried out up to that moment, there was evidence that preparatory acts were being carried out aimed at the kidnapping and extortion of, apparently, several people. These kidnappings were related to serious conflicts between the most important criminal organizations operating in the Netherlands, related to other criminal groups in Spain. The investigation showed that the kidnapping sites had indeed been prepared in the Netherlands and were almost ready for use.

Several members of this organization had contacts with an unknown individual, apparently settled in Spain. That is why the location and investigation of one of the main members of a criminal organization based in the Netherlands dedicated to large-scale drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and murder of members of rival organizations was requested. Through the investigation, supported by the police attaches of both countries, it was learned that this subject could be in Spain and that he would receive money from the Netherlands, allegedly for the purpose of planning a kidnapping or extortion.

Containers enabled to kidnap and torture

During the operation in the Netherlands, a total of 6 arrests were made. The searches carried out involved, in addition to various firearms, seven soundproofed cargo transport containers prepared to keep people inside for long periods of time, including prepared with chemical toilets. Likewise, elements were found to immobilize and torture the victims – shackles anchored to the ground and walls or a dentist’s chair with straps to immobilize arms, legs and head -, in addition to various tools and utensils to injure their rivals and police uniforms Dutch National and bulletproof vests that those arrested used to board their victims.

The investigation carried out has allowed to dismantle a criminal group dedicated to kidnappings, torture and murders related to the Mocro Mafia -Moroccan mafia in the Netherlands-, which is linked to criminal actions with explosive devices and some of the murders carried out in the Malaga province in recent years.

The operation is still open and active collaboration is being carried out with the Dutch authorities in order to obtain relevant information that enables more people to be linked to the facts investigated and the disappearance of people in the Netherlands and with various homicides in the province of Malaga.

Image: Example of the type of shipping container