Apprehended 648 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container in the port of Algeciras

Spanish Civil Guard, in a joint operation with the National Police and Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, have seized 648 kilos of cocaine in a container in the port of Algeciras that originated in Guatemala and was destined for Valencia. 

In the framework of collaboration between the different administrations, it was learned of the arrival at the port of Algeciras of a shipment possibly ‘contaminated’ at origin with cocaine. According to the information obtained, a joint operation was established by agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police and Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency. 

The container was inspected in the port of Algeciras where the drug was found, extracted and replaced by a harmless load, in order to proceed to its controlled delivery to the place of destination. In total, a total of 533 cocaine pills were found and seized, with an approximate gross weight of 648 kilos.  

Once at the destination (the port of Valencia), it was discovered that the container under surveillance had been opened early in the morning of November 15 and unknown persons had extracted the material used to replace the drug. For this reason, we proceeded to review the cameras that cover the terminal where this container was deposited. 

Thanks to viewing them, it was found that a truck entered the street where the container object of the controlled delivery was deposited and left it about five minutes later without a container on its platform. The owner was identified, but it was found that his physical features were very different from those of the individual who accessed the terminal with the truck. 

Subsequent investigations made it possible to arrest the owner of the truck used for the rescue and the carrier who entered to carry it out, who already had a police record for drug trafficking in the port of Valencia. The two detainees were brought to justice.