Australian Taskforce ICARUS Drug Trafficking Arrest

Detectives from Joint Taskforce Icarus and Taskforce Trident arrested a man yesterday as part of an investigation into alleged drug trafficking.

Investigators executed a search warrant at an address in Lewis Street, Thornbury and arrested 45-year-old Bellfield man.

During the course of the investigation, Australian Border Force seized almost 25kg of drugs including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.

The Bellfield man has been charged with importing a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs and will appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today.

Victoria Police Detective Acting Inspector Mark Newlan of the Trident Taskforce said the success of this operation again highlights what can be achieved through the commitment of law enforcement agencies to pool their resources and expertise.

“Each of the agencies bring their own particular strengths to combat the growing availability of drugs – and consequently, the harm caused by drugs” he said.

“The street doses that would have eventually been consumed by Victorians from this consignment alone were 142,000 points of meth; 35,000 caps of heroin; and 10,000 lines of cocaine”

Australian Federal Police Detective Inspector Anthony Sinn said the multi-agency operation was a testament to Commonwealth and state law enforcement’s combined determination to stop criminals from importing drugs into Australia.

“The Australian public can rest assured that the AFP and its partner agencies are committed to keeping the community safe. This seizure represents another blow to organised crime, bringing alleged criminals to justice and protecting Australians from the terrible social damage caused by illicit substance abuse.” Detective Inspector Sinn said.

Australian Border Force Acting Commander Nick Walker said the combined reach of law enforcement agencies is far greater than offenders anticipate.

“The ABF’s technical expertise and joint activity with law enforcement partners has a multiplier effect. Sharing intelligence and working together enhances the breadth of our reach to disrupt criminal activity, keeping the community safe from harmful drugs,” Acting Commander Walker said. 

Joint Task Force Icarus is staffed by Victoria Police, Australian Border Force, Australian Federal Police and the Department of Home Affairs.