Border Security and Migration Challenges in South East Europe – live Webinar


2pm UK / 3pm CET

Border Security and Migration Challenges in South East Europe

with the Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Despite the recent lockdowns of many countries borders, during the Coronavirus pandemic, illegal migration, human trafficking and smuggling continues to provide challanges to the international border and law enforcement agencies.

The Balkans continue to be a major transit route for migrants and organised criminal gangs, who are exploiting the opportunities the pandemic has created, whether smuggling, human trafficking, profileration of small arms or irrelgular migration. This doesnt just affect the localised region, but has huge impact and pressures to the EU and Middle East.

The Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is providing enormous support and resources to help operations and border controls to combat and tackle these challenges.

In this webinar you will learn more about the current situation affecting the region and what strategies and technologies can be employed to support the operations, border agencies and agencies at the border.

  • Updates on the current migrant and trafficking situation in the Balkan region
  • Migration management and measures against Smuggling and Human Trafficking
  • Reduction of the Risk for Proliferation of Weapons and Ammunition (SALW)
  • The impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on migration, smuggling and human trafficking in the region
  • Measures derived by decisions of other countries along the route
  • Strategies and technologies employed to support the Combating of Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration
    - Fight against Smuggling of Migrants and Human Trafficking – THE WAY AHEAD


Maria De Benito
Migrants/ refugees security adviser
OSCE Mission to Skopje
Gabor Kemeny
Project Coordinator
OSCE Mission to Skopje
Serkan Serin
Advisor on Counter-terrorism/Violent Extremism, OSCE Mission to Skopje