Cocaine cartel uncovered on SKY ECC busted in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seven people arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a major drug and money laundering bust.

Cocaine was being sent from South America to Europe by ships and private planes, usually hidden in coal or cans of tuna. The operation also targeted a political figure suspected of corruption, who was holding a position at the top of one of the municipalities in Canton Sarajevo.

Seizures include:

  • 5 high-end vehicles
  • Large sums of cryptocurrency in various forms
  • 247 crypto mining machines with a total value of over EUR 1 million
  • Cash in various currencies with a total value of approximately EUR 100 000
  • The equivalent of about EUR 150 000 in bank accounts
  • Luxury goods including jewellery and watches
  • 4 pistols with 300 pieces of ammunition.

Europol’s contribution was an intelligence packaged produced by Europol based on information from the SKY ECC operation allowed the identification of the structure, activities and international connections of the criminal network. This intelligence report triggered the current investigation. Europol further supported the national authorities with identification of High Value Targets, facilitation of information exchange, coordination of operational activities and operational analysis.