Dismantled a criminal organization that was part of the main Spanish chapter of the international “Comanchero MC” biker gang

Agents of the Spanish Civil Guard and the National Police have arrested five people in the province of Guadalajara for their alleged participation in crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, against public health and illegal possession of weapons. The detainees, who were highly cohesive, were part of a chapter of the transnational motorcycle gang known as Comanchero MC, self-classified as ‘outlaw’ or ‘1%’.

The investigation, developed since the first quarter of 2022, began thanks to the information collected through the international cooperation and collaboration mechanisms maintained between different police agencies.

drug trafficking

According to the investigators, it has been established that, at least between October 2019 and March 2021, the detainees participated in the continuous shipment of cannabis-type drugs to different European countries, such as France and Germany.

The modus operandi consisted of hiding large amounts of narcotic substances in the structures of truck trailers, being able to certify a seizure of around 150 kilograms of marijuana on the French border, in which two of the members were arrested and are in prison at the Gallic country.

Hidden methamphetamine in building materials

The other branch of this “criminal enterprise” was the shipment of methamphetamine hidden in porcelain sheets and other construction materials that were destined for Australia, where the original chapter of this motorcycle gang is located, having seized a shipment of three kilograms of methamphetamine in customs, coming from Spain.

The searches have included firearms, a multitude of bladed and prohibited weapons, narcotic substances, neo-Nazi symbols, computer equipment, cash, jewelry, luxury watches and numerous material linked to this biker group.

The operation, which has been coordinated by the Investigating Court number Three of Guadalajara, has been carried out jointly by the Information Department (UCE3), the Information Group of the Guadalajara Civil Guard Command, the UDYCO Central de the General Police Station of the Judicial Police and the General Police Information Station.

The extensive police device, which has culminated in the arrest of five people and the search of five homes, has included, in addition to the aforementioned units, the deployment of technical teams such as Canine Guides or the Technical Interventions Operational Group. In addition, given the seriousness of the crimes investigated, the intervention of the Special Operations Group of the National Police (GEO) and the Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Civil Guard has been necessary.