Dismantled in Tarragona an illegal marijuana candy laboratory

Within the framework of the Jesis operation, the Civil Guard has dismantled a laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of marijuana jellies with a high concentration of THC, which is the active substance in marijuana.

The laboratory was inside a house in Coma-ruga-El Vendrell, where the perpetrator lived, who has been arrested for a crime against public health, also investigating his partner.

Thanks to the complaint of the family member of a consumer who had been addicted, the Civil Guard obtained information that led the investigators to the northern area of ​​the province of Tarragona, where the largest number of product consumers were concentrated.

They finally reached the town of Coma-ruga in El Vendrell, where the agents have located several of these products and verified that the jellies test positive for cannabis substances.

The investigators located the chalet from where they were being distributed and proceeded to register it. The Civil Guard has found a marijuana plantation with 74 plants in full development, almost twelve kilograms of marijuana already harvested and ready for processing, 247 jellies ready for sale, a special decoupling machine for this type of cannabis plant, various materials for cultivation of marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and a laboratory for the manufacture of “trinkets” with everything necessary, both in machinery and in substances for the mixtures.

With this action, a serious risk has been avoided for the consumers of the sweets, who did not know exactly what the jellies contained, due to the lack of a composition label, even though they were aware that they could contain narcotic substances and therefore could be addictive and harmful. .

The Civil Guard warns of the risk of consuming these sweets, which can be passed off as real jelly beans and carried in principle by their appearance, without any problem, since it is practically impossible to distinguish them from an authentic jelly bean, but on which their effects are unknown after being ingested.