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Drone smuggling at the northern border

Border policemen from the Territorial Service of the Satu Mare Romanian Border Police noticed a noise produced by a small aircraft, specific to a drone, which crossed the border from Ukraine to Romania.

The aircraft’s route was monitored and the area was searched, being observed, near the state border, and a person who did not justify his presence in the area.

The border police patrol observed how the person in question took a small package and tried to transport it to the interior of the country, at which point our workers intervened to intercept it.

As a result of the action, a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen was detained, and two more small parcels containing cigarettes of Ukrainian origin were discovered near him.

In the continuation of the investigations, the measure was taken to inform the Ukrainian authorities about the event, and the man who was going to receive the cigarettes was taken to the headquarters of the border police.

Following the inventory of small parcels, the amount of 960 packs of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin, worth approximately 11,232 lei, was found, which were seized for confiscation.

In the case, the border police are investigating the crime of smuggling. The Ukrainian citizen was detained for 24 hours, and at the end the necessary legal measures will be taken.

Also yesterday, September 6, during an action to combat the smuggling of non-EU cigarettes carried out in the area of ​​responsibility, the border policemen from the Territorial Service of the Suceava Border Police discovered, abandoned near the state border, in the direction of Falcău, the amount of 2,000 packs of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin, the value of which amounts to 23,400 lei .