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Eight Syrian citizens, helped by two Romanian citizens, discovered by the Giurgiu border police while trying to cross the border illegally

On the morning of 25.11.2022, two people presented themselves at the Bulgarian Giurgiu Border Crossing Point, on the way to enter Romania, from Bulgaria, traveling with a minibus, one being a driver, the other a passenger . At the time of presenting the documents the driver, a 23-year-old Romanian citizen, inserted a 50 euro banknote into the registration certificate of the vehicle, offering it to a border policeman, with the aim of avoid thorough physical inspection of the minibus.

The border police immediately informed the DGA officers, who started the specific procedural activities. At the same time, the border police officers checked the cargo compartment of the means of transport, on which occasion, in a specially arranged compartment, they identified 8 male persons, Syrian citizens, aged between 16 and 44 years. Judicial police officers from the DGA – Giurgiu County Anticorruption Service and the PCMIIT Department of the Giurgiu Border Police Sector, under the coordination of the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Giurgiu Court, are conducting investigations regarding two persons, Romanian citizens, who have procedural status of the suspect, for committing the crimes of migrant trafficking and bribery.

The research showed that the discovered persons were picked up by the two Romanian citizens from Sofia, they were to be fraudulently introduced into Romania and their final destination was Germany.

In the case, investigations are being carried out regarding the commission of the crime of fraudulent crossing of the state border by the 8 Syrian citizens, respectively bribery and trafficking of migrants (the driver of the minibus) and trafficking of migrants (the passenger of the minibus).

Based on the Romanian-Bulgarian Readmission Agreement, citizens of Syrian origin were handed over to the Border Police of the Republic of Bulgaria.