First Frontex fundamental rights office report

Frontex has just published the first annual report describing the activities of its fundamental rights office (FRO).

The report contains information on the status of implementation of fundamental rights in the Agency’s operational activities, in line with the recently adopted Fundamental Rights Strategy .

It also presents an overview of fundamental rights-related activities and the role of the Fundamental Rights Officer, describing the structures and instruments put in place as well as actions taken to to ensure compliance with fundamental rights in all Frontex activities.

In particular, it highlights the new developments related to the adoption of the 2019 Frontex EBCG Regulation and the actions undertaken by Frontex to align with the new requirements, including the recruitment of fundamental rights monitors and looks at challenges of COVID-19 pandemic in regard to migration and fundamental rights at EU external borders.

The document further includes updates on the integration of fundamental rights safeguards in Frontex’s operational cycle, from operational planning to implementation and evaluation; on the actors and methods involved in fundamental rights monitoring; on the inclusion and considerations of fundamental rights in the development and use of new technologies in border management; and on fundamental rights in the context of European integrated border management.

An Annex with detailed information and relevant updates on the complaints received via Frontex Complaint Mechanism is also included.

The full report is available here.