Frontex is launching survey on biometric comparison tools

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, is launching a survey for service providers of tools for the manual comparison of biometric data.

The main objective of this survey is to provide the Agency with a mapping of up-to-date software solutions available on the market.

More specifically, the survey is focused on the functionalities of tools that assist human operators in the manual comparison of fingerprints and facial images. In the future, the Agency may decide to implement such solutions to assist the European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) community via a tendering procedure, in-line with the relevant public procurement applicable framework.

One of Frontex’s key tasks involves monitoring new technological developments in the field of border control. At present, European security and migration databases operate individually. However, as part of an effort to strengthen EU’s internal security, these systems will soon be interconnected and the data which is currently stored in these systems will have to be processed.

If your organisation is interested in participating in the survey, please follow this link.

Deadline for completing the survey: 31 August 2022 23:59 CET