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Frontex to provide additional support to bolster Finland’s borders

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, plans to deploy 50 border guard officers and other staff, along with equipment such as patrol cars, to bolster Finland’s border control activities. This significant reinforcement is expected to be on the ground as soon as next week, exemplifying Frontex’s commitment to rapid response and effective support.

Frontex plans to provide the first group of officers for deployment on Wednesday, 29 November, to expand Frontex Joint Operation Terra 2023 in Finland. These will include border surveillance officers, support for registering migrants, document experts and interpreters. Frontex currently has 10 officers working at the Finnish borders.

“Frontex’s support to Finland goes beyond logistics; it’s a demonstration of the European Union’s unified stand against hybrid challenges affecting one of its members. This collaboration shows that when facing complex border issues, Europe stands united, offering support through tangible actions,” said Frontex Executive Director Hans Leijtens.

This rapid mobilisation of resources is reflective of Frontex’s important role in ensuring European border security, demonstrating its ability to adapt and respond swiftly to the emerging needs of Member States. Finland’s external borders, which span 1 340 km, are also the EU’s borders, making their security a matter of collective European concern.

Frontex’s involvement in this situation is not solely focused on border security measures. The agency is acutely aware of the humanitarian aspect of this scenario, especially considering the harsh weather conditions and the unpreparedness of the people arriving at the Finnish border. The agency remains deeply committed to ensuring that while Europe’s borders are safeguarded, the fundamental rights and dignity of all people are respected and upheld.