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Genasys Inc. Receives $3.0 Million in LRAD® Domestic and International Security Orders

Genasys has announced $3.0 million in domestic and international LRAD systems orders. The LRAD systems will be used for public safety, border, homeland, and commercial security applications in the United States, African countries, and other nations.

“Escalating international border incursions and homeland security threats are increasing the demand for LRAD systems and integrations,” said Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys Inc. “U.S. and international public safety agencies are using LRAD’s exceptional long-range communication and unique capabilities to de-escalate dangerous situations, protect civilians, and safeguard officers.

“An increasing number of countries in our region face intensifying public safety challenges,” said Peter Ayre, Vice President of Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia Business Development for Genasys Inc. “Genasys systems provide solutions for many of the pervasive law enforcement, border, and homeland security issues in these nations.”