German Federal Police Border controls thwart illegal entry

The Rosenheim federal police investigated several vehicle drivers for supporting illegal entry attempts. While the car drivers were able to identify themselves properly during the inspection on the Inntal motorway near Kiefersfelden, their foreign passengers did not have the necessary papers for the intended stay in Germany.

The German federal police stopped a car registered in Sweden as part of border controls. The driver, a Damascus-born Swede, was driving a Syrian national in his car. As it turned out, the migrant had already applied for asylum in Austria in the past.

In another case, a Dortmund native who was born in Morocco tried to bring a Moroccan acquaintance from Kufstein to Germany in his car. The border controls thwarted these plans. The officials found that the migrant had already been refused entry to the Federal Republic.

An Indian citizen registered in Vienna wanted to bring a compatriot across the German-Austrian border with his car. At Kiefersfelden, the federal police caused the trip to end prematurely due to missing papers. According to initial findings, the passenger had already been registered by the Polish authorities.

All three passengers had to leave the country at the instigation of the Rosenheim Federal Police Inspectorate. They were reported because of an unauthorized entry attempt and were returned to Austria. The three car drivers were also released from police custody after the police measures were completed. After all investigations have been completed, you will soon have to answer for aiding and abetting attempted illegal entry.