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In the Bieszczady Mountains, Border Guard detained immigrants

In the vicinity of Michniowiec (Bieszczady district), a patrol of Border Guard officers detained three Turkish citizens who crossed the border from Ukraine on foot. The organizers of the transfer, members of the immigrants’ family, were also detained.

The incident took place on the section of the Polish-Ukrainian border, protected by the Border Guard Post in Czarna Górna. Thanks to the use of thermal imaging cameras, Border Guard officers noticed three people going from the border into the country. It turned out that they were two adult women (sisters) and their cousin. 

They all had Turkish passports with them. Foreigners heard the accusation of illegal border crossing. During the interrogation, they told the officers about the trip that their father living in Turkey had organized for them. For the transfer, he paid 9 thousand. euro per person. 

A Ukrainian smuggler led them to the border with Poland. During the interrogation, two men of Turkish nationality reported to one of the neighboring BG cells. 

It turned out that they were family members of previously detained immigrants. Foreigners legally living in France. The men admitted that they had come to pick up the immigrants and intended to take them with them to France. 

They heard the accusation of organizing illegal border crossing, to which they confessed. They voluntarily submitted to a sentence of 7 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years. After the activities were completed, the three previously detained immigrants were transferred back to Ukraine under a readmission agreement.