K-9 sniffs out 250k worth of Liquid Methamphetamine in a truck’s gas tank

El Centro Sector US CBP agents arrested a 39-year-old male for attempting to smuggle liquid methamphetamine on Saturday evening. 

On January 13, 2024, at approximately 4:45 p.m., A Border Patrol K-9 unit working at the Highway 86 Immigration checkpoint alerted to the driver side wheel well of a truck. The agent referred the truck to secondary for further investigation. In secondary agents checked the gas tank and noticed anomalies in the liquid inside the gas tank. The liquid was tested and was positive for the characteristics of methamphetamine.

A total of 166.8 pounds of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of 250k was removed from the gas tank by a hazmat team.

The driver, a Mexican citizen was placed under arrest for the transportation of a controlled substance, and along with the vehicle and narcotics were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further prosecution.