Live Webinar: Addressing the challenges of land and sea borders

Tuesday 16th November 2021

11am UK / 12pm CET

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Land and sea borders are set to be one of the biggest challenges for the implementation of an Entry/Exit System (EES). From large cruise ships and ferries to smaller vessels and cargo ships, the possibilities are vast, and the challenges are different. The same goes for land locations that are frequented by various modes of transport.
All border crossing points need solutions that are tailored to their requirements and constraints. What are these solutions? How can the specific needs of border clearance processes in these areas be addressed?

Border agencies will have to deploy a variety of solutions to adapt to the different configurations of their border crossing points. Either fixed, mobile or handheld, operated by a border guard, used in a self-service mode, there is a wide array of equipment but also systems that governments can leverage on to best fit their needs.


Nelly Strady, Border Management Systems Product Manager, IDEMIA

Nicolas Phan, Market Manager Border Control and Passenger Flow Facilitation, IDEMIA