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Med-Eng has released the TC 1080 Telescopic Camera internationally, following a successful trial recently with a security agency in Canada

The system gives an advanced search capability to officers inspecting vehicles, shipping containers and areas that are hard to reach and/or dark. The system includes a lightweight pole with a total length of 3 meters, an HD camera powered by the Android device, and a forearm pistol grip.

The Android device app allows users to maintain a visual horizon on the bottom of the screen. This means that as they rotate the camera, they do not have to turn their heads. The pistol grip can be held in a natural upright position in one hand, while the telescopic pole can be rotated by the user’s 2nd hand up to 120° in each direction. This allows the operator to remain in a steady position while searching up to 240°.

For searching dark areas such as under vehicles, inside containers and tunnels, the camera head’s integrated lights illuminate the target area considerably. The app also enables users to take photos and record HD video of what the camera is seeing, for evidence or further investigation.

“The consistently positive early interest by end user groups about the TC 1080 confirm that this system will prove to be a very useful tool for border security agencies that must conduct thorough and time-efficient searches in very challenging environments,” said Rob Reynolds, General Manager.