More than four tons of hashish seized in double bottoms of two trucks in Motril

The Spanish Civil Guard has seized more than 4,400 kilos of hashish hidden in two double bottoms of the roofs of the semi-trailers of two trucks in the Granada port of Motril.

In this operation, the two drivers of the trucks that came from the Moroccan port of Tangier-Med have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of trafficking in narcotic substances. 

Last Friday, agents from the Tax and Border Section, while inspecting the vehicles disembarking from the Volcán de Tauce ship, coming from the Tangier-Med port, detected a possible double bottom on the roof of the semi-trailers of two refrigerated trucks. Investigators found that the roof of the two semi-trailers was more solid than usual.

They moved the trucks to the port’s Phytosanitary Inspection Point to do a more exhaustive examination of both vehicles and discovered that the two semi-trailers had a double bottom along the entire roof.These double bottoms consisted of 72 metal drawers containing numerous hashish tablets compacted with silicone, a layer of plaster and the roof of the semi-trailer, which made their extraction extremely difficult. Once the hashish was extracted, the first truck weighed 2,123 kilos, and the second truck weighed 2,290 kilos.

The detainees, the drugs and the seized trucks have been placed at the disposal of the Mixed Guard Court of Motril.