Spanish National Police intervenes 20 kilograms of the 4-CMC narcotic, seized for the first time in Spain

Agents of the Spanish National Police have intervened in Burgos more than 20 kilograms of a narcotic substance -identified as 4-CMC- intervened for the first time in Spain. The seizure has been carried out during a police operation that has had the collaboration of the United States Drug Control Administration and the Netherlands National Police. Three people have been arrested as alleged members of a criminal organization based in the Burgos province and which also had branches in Barcelona and the Netherlands. The investigation has also led to the seizure of more than 240 kilograms of 3MMC in Amsterdam.

The investigations began last February on a criminal group led by a woman of Bulgarian origin who lived in the capital of Burgos. This woman kept under her control a significant amount of narcotic substance in a warehouse in Rotterdam (Netherlands). The data provided by the police efforts revealed that she, through her contacts, was trying to hire a carrier who would travel with her vehicle to that country to pick up the merchandise.

When the business was already closed, and waiting for the truck to travel to Rotterdam, he informed the transport manager that he also had to travel to Amsterdam to pick up other merchandise. The collection point and the contact will be provided once the stipulated time for it arrives. Given these facts, the corresponding European Investigation Orders were issued.

Days later, the carrier went to the agreed address in Amsterdam to pick up the order. After an hour of waiting, a vehicle arrived whose driver delivered to the Spanish carrier a box containing around 20 kilograms of a substance that turned out to be 4-CMC (4-chloromethcathinone).

The substance 4-CMC increases the neuronal concentration of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Users of the drug describe effects similar to those of other stimulants, particularly similar to the effects produced by MDMA, including increased mood and sociability. The use of 4-CMC is associated with typical stimulant drug side effects such as tachycardia, agitation and jerking movements in addition to other associated risks including heart failure and psychosis.

Detained at the time of delivery of the merchandise

Days later, the agents verified that the truck with the illicit merchandise was heading to the established point with the woman residing in Burgos. At the time the truck driver tried to deliver the box, the established police device proceeded to make the pertinent arrests.

Simultaneously, the Dutch Police proceeded to carry out a search of the ship where the merchandise was stored, intervening 77 barrels of 15 kilograms each that belonged to three different shipments related to the cause investigated. After sampling them, one of the shipments gave a positive result for the substance 3MMC, intervening about 240 kilograms. The agents of the Netherlands also arrested the alleged boss of the woman under investigation. For the Dutch authorities, this detainee is a key figure in drug trafficking in his country.