Nearly 19 kg of chemical analogues of narcotic substances were found in a car by the Bulgarian customs officеrs at Malko Tarnovo border

The customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP found 18,412 kilograms of chemical analogues of narcotic substances in a car driven by a Bulgarian citizen.

On 29.01.2023, the car with Bulgarian registration arrived at the Malko Tarnovo border crossing on the outbound route to Turkey. The driver, a Bulgarian citizen with the initials S.S., was traveling alone and declared in the customs control area that he had nothing to declare.

The car has been selected for a thorough customs inspection. In the course of the control actions, carried out including with X-ray equipment, the customs inspectors establish suspicious density of the spare tire and other areas. Inside the spare tire, 8 polythene bags containing a white substance were found during the subsequent physical inspection. Another 11 packages with a similar substance were found in the back seat of the car, after it was removed during the inspection.

A total of 19 packages were seized. They were found to contain 18,412 kg of chemical analogues of narcotic substances. The total value of the found substances amounts to BGN 589 195 according to court proceedings.

In this case, a pre-trial proceeding was initiated by an investigative customs inspector from TD  Bourgas Customs, which is being conducted under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Burgas.