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One Turk and five Syrians following co-operation between Vaslui border guards and their Moldovan counterparts

On December 5 this year, around 02.30, border guards from the Berezeni Border Police Sector who were guarding the state border with the help of night vision equipment observed, on the Romanian bank of the Prut River, in the direction of Berezina, two people who were moving from the protection dam to the locality and who did not justify their presence in the area.  

As soon as possible, the border guards went to the area, intercepted and identified the persons in question. As none of the persons, both male, spoke Romanian and did not have documents to prove their legal entry into Romania, they were taken to the headquarters of the Berezeni Border Police Sector in order to establish their identity and continue their investigations.

The border authorities of the neighboring state were informed as soon as possible and the investigations in question were carried out jointly.

Following the on-site checks and on-site investigation, the border guards determined that the two men, one of Turkish nationality and the other of Syrian nationality, both 26 years old, crossed the Prut River in an inflatable boat, trying to escape. between illegally in Romania. It was also found that the young Syrian had a document on him stating that he was already receiving some form of protection from the Moldovan authorities. The two young men stated that they intended to go to Germany, where they would find a job, and that they had chosen to cross the state border illegally because they did not have legal documents for crossing the border.