Over 33,000 packs of cigarettes confiscated at the northern border of Romania

At the Petea Border Crossing Point , Satu Mare County, two men, aged 34 and 46, with dual Romanian citizenship, showed up to leave Romania. and Ukrainian. They were traveling in a Ukraine-registered minibus and said they were traveling to the United Kingdom to transport packages of various goods belonging to Ukrainian citizens.

As part of an action to combat smuggling of excisable products, the border police, together with customs workers from the Cluj Regional Customs Directorate, carried out a thorough control over the means of transport. Thus, they were discovered, hidden, in five used metal panels. for antiphoning, 1,360 packs of cigarettes from Belarus.

The entire quantity of cigarettes, amounting to 16,000 lei, was seized in order to continue the investigations. are required.

During the day of November 15 this year, at the level of the Vicovu de Sus Border Police Sector, an action was launched to combat cigarette smuggling in the area of ​​responsibility. Thus, around 11.00, a border police crew from the observed, in the direction of Vicovu de Sus, a group of people carrying several bulky parcels from the state border to the interior of the country. border guards, abandoned the packages and fled to Ukrainian territory.

As the persons in question did not obey the voice orders of the border guards, four warning shots were fired vertically , according to the legal provisions, but this time too the persons did not stop. Immediately, they were announced and Ukrainian authorities on the case for joint investigation of the border event.

On the spot were discovered 27 boxes of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin that were transported to the headquarters of the sector, where, following the inventory, resulted the quantity of 13,487 packs of cigarettes , worth 158,000 lei.

Actions in the fight against cigarette smuggling, at the green border, continued yesterday, November 16, 2021, when the border police officers from the Izvoarele Sucevei Border Police Sector discovered, in the border area, 21 boxes containing 10,500 packages of Duty-Free cigarettes worth 123,000 lei.

And the border policemen from the Sarasău Border Police Sector discovered, during some surveillance and control missions at the state border, in the direction of Remeți locality, Maramureș county, several packets of cigarettes. The boxes were transported to the sector headquarters, where , following the inventory, resulted the quantity of 7,999 packs of cigarettes , worth approximately 93,500 lei.