Police coup against the Hells Angels MC for their alleged involvement in the illicit traffic of anabolic and doping substances

Agents of the Spanish National Police, in collaboration with the Finnish National Investigation Office and the Finnish Customs, have arrested nine people -two in Spain and seven in the Nordic country- for their alleged involvement in the illicit traffic of anabolic and doping substances. Those arrested are part of the Hell’s Angels and, among them, is the Secretary of the chapter that the biker gang has on the Costa del Sol. 25 bottles that pretended to contain olive oil but that actually contained various substances have been seized anabolics such as dromostanolone, testosterone, trenbolone, boldenone and nandrone.

Shipments of substances through a parcel company

The operation began when Spanish and Finnish agents began to investigate   several members of the Hell’s Angels biker gang for their alleged involvement in international illicit trafficking in anabolic and doping substances. During the development of the investigation, the police detected several meetings at the headquarters of the biker club, located in Malaga, attended by members investigated by the two countries. Later it was found that they were sending anabolic substances through a postal parcel company from Spain to the city of Tampere (Finland).

Finally, and with all this information, the investigators were able to intervene the shipments and located 25 bottles that simulated containing olive oil, with false labeling that the criminal organization itself had prepared. Inside, instead of oil, they contained significant amounts of anabolic substances such as testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone and others.

For all these reasons, at the beginning of this month, eleven entries and searches were carried out at different points in Finland and Spain. In our country, three searches were carried out in Malaga in which various narcotic substances were seized in addition to various weapons, electronic devices, documentation, 5,770 euros in cash, two motorcycles, a mobile phone and other effects. For their part, the Finnish authorities carried out the remaining searches in which a laboratory where doping substances were made, nearly 10,000 euros in cash, a pistol, 100 marijuana cuttings and small amounts of other narcotic substances were intervened.

As a result of the operation, nine people have been arrested, two of them in Malaga and the remaining seven in Finland.