Polish Border Guards detained a Polish citizen who owned over two tons of tobacco

officers from the Border Guard Post in Kielce detained a Volkswagen passenger car for inspection, in the luggage space of which a 49-year-old Polish citizen was carrying around 12 kilograms of tobacco cut without Polish excise stamps.

Kielce border guards also went to the property, used by a man, where they revealed over a ton of tobacco cut pieces and over 1,100 kilograms of tobacco leaves. In addition, two tobacco cutting machines were also secured. The total value of the seized goods was over PLN 556 thousand. However, if the goods were placed on the market, the State Treasury would lose over PLN 1.8 million due to excise duty and VAT.

The secured goods were weighed and transferred to the deposit warehouse of the Border Guard Post in Kielce for further process use.

The Pole was detained. He has been charged with a tax offense and is facing a heavy fine.