Research study on High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites: 2nd insight

How can High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS) contribute to the operations of the European Border and Coast Guard community?

To answer this question, Frontex has launched a research study on High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS) at the end of 2022 to analyse HAPS’ potential capabilities for Frontex and other Justice and Home Affairs agencies.

The study is being carried out under the auspices of the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security and aims at exploring how the internal security community can maximise the opportunities provided by such solutions.

The second insight presents the main uses of HAPS, its main challenges, as well as potential benefits.

Frontex will continue publishing updates about the progress of this project. The upcoming report will involve a comprehensive review of the impact of HAPS technology on fundamental rights.