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Spanish Civil Guard detains 26 members of a network dedicated to the trafficking of hashish along the coast of Malaga

3,362 kilos of hashish, 3 boats, 1,600 liters of fuel, 16 vehicles (two high-end that had been stolen), hunting, short and war weapons, as well as abundant ammunition have been seized

The members of the organization took many security measures, were heavily armed and did not hesitate to attack police vehicles when they were being pursued.

The Civil Guard detains 26 members of a network dedicated to the trafficking of hashish along the coast of Malaga

The operation began when, through the SIVE of the Malaga Command, a suspicious boat is detected on the beach next to the Malaga neighborhood of El Palo. They managed to intercept 715 kilos of hashish, the boat and a van where the bales were to be transported.

Investigators found out that the network, in addition to introducing hashish into the peninsula, was dedicated to providing other organizations with supplies and fuel, relief of crews, and custody and delivery of stolen high-end vehicles. Also counting on several nurseries with heavily armed personnel.

Likewise, it was learned that the organization worked on the stretch of coast that goes from Malaga to Torre del Mar, managing to carry out a cache in broad daylight. They also had members, contacts and infrastructure in Campo de Gibraltar, Marbella and Almería.

During the months that the operation passed, the members of the organization did not hesitate to ram the police vehicles when they tried to stop them. On one of those occasions when they were transporting 20 bales of hashish in a van, escorted by three cars from the now dismantled group, they rammed the police vehicles, putting their lives and those of the officers at risk. Shortly afterwards in a plot in Adra (Almería) when 60 bales of hashish were seized and the 8 people who were guarding the drug were arrested and who were provided with long hunting weapons, short weapons and weapons of war.

Once all the components of the organization and its functioning were known, and with prior judicial authorization, 17 searches were carried out in La Línea, El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar, Rincón de la Victoria and Málaga. Agents from the Malaga, Almería and Algeciras Commanderies, OCON-SUR, CRAIN, GAR, GRS and the Maritime Service participated in the device.