Spanish National Police detains in Gandía a person who has been claimed internationally in the Netherlands for crimes of terrorism

Agents of the Spanish National Police have arrested yesterday in Gandía (Valencia) a person of Dutch nationality who had a European Detention and Surrender Order (OEDE) in force for crimes of terrorism and incitement to violence, issued by the Dutch authorities.

The arrest was carried out by agents of the Valencia Provincial Information Brigade, with the support of the Alicante and Gandía Information Brigades, and coordinated by the General Information Commissary, in collaboration with the Netherlands National Police.

According to the Dutch authorities, since August 2020, the arrested – in the company of other people – continuously used various profiles on social networks and even his own propaganda platforms on the Internet to, through videos, spread threats and insults towards various Dutch authorities known for their management of COVID-19. Among them is the director of the infection control service of the State Institute for Infection Control and the Environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands, who was even publicly accused of being responsible for the abuse and murder of minors. 

These statements had a great impact in the Netherlands by acquiring a certain degree of notoriety among its hundreds of followers, calling them to carry out actions of a violent nature. All of this caused fear in the Dutch authorities at the possibility that these threats would come to fruition and, as their ultimate goal, would have the objective of seriously destabilizing the country’s political and social structures. Due to these events, more arrests of implicated persons have already been carried out in Ireland.