Terrorist cell discovered that aimed at the new Nazi-Fascist world order

They called themselves the revolutionary avant-garde and pursued the ideal of establishing a new world order of a Nazi-fascist matrix, based on incitement to discrimination and violence for racial, ethnic and nationalist reasons.

The four young Italians were identified by the Digos of the Milan police headquarters at the end of an investigation that lasted about six months which led to the execution of four residence obligations with the simultaneous obligation of daily presentation to a police office.

The extremists were inspired by American supremacist groups and had also endowed themselves with a statute, which proclaimed the establishment of a “secret and subversive” organization, inspired by fascism and National Socialism, aimed at promoting a new European order based on a form of “spiritual aristocracy”, with strict rules both as regards the hierarchy within the group and the criteria for recruiting.

From the interceptions it emerged that the leader of the group defined the revolutionary cell as an autonomous community of people united by the same radical ideology, which prepares itself and grows with the aim of activating itself when the political-social situation allows it. At that point the cell will enter the scene with terrorist actions capable of favoring the collapse of the democratic system and the establishment of a totalitarian regime.

In addition to the ideological planning of the revolution, the four youths had also begun planning violent actions, such as beating a Muslim black person with telescopic batons. Despite the careful preparation, the aggression did not occur thanks to a control by the Police who messed up the raid.

The group was also planning actions to finance the ambitious political project. The first objective was to ask for money against a minor, who had already started stalking to understand his habits, in order to act in complete safety at the right time.

The danger of the group, intending to pursue a specific knowledge in the use of weapons over time, was confirmed when the young people equipped themselves with a blank pistol that they altered in an attempt to make it suitable for exploding real bullets.