The European Commission has allocated € 15 million for border surveillance and other equipment

The aim of the project is to address the current issues and problems related to the organized influx of migrants in Belarus, to manage the flows of illegal migration and to properly ensure the protection of the EU external border and the control of third-country nationals entering the territory of Lithuania.

Acquisitions and upgrades of technical equipment are planned to achieve this goal. These are ground and helicopter-mounted border surveillance equipment to facilitate the detection of illegal migrants, additional official vehicles for the transport of persons, and equipment to provide food for foreigners temporarily accommodated in Lithuania.

The project is scheduled for completion on September 30 next year. The completion of all planned measures and the implementation of the planned activities will ensure effective protection of the EU’s external borders and proper control of illegal migration.

Lithuania is responsible for almost 1.1 thousand. kilometers of the EU’s external border, of which 679 kilometers are with Belarus.