The future of travel – digital and secure

By Veridos Identity Solutions

Travel 2.0 with the VeriGO MobileTravel Assist
In an increasingly digital world, innovative solutions, such as smart applications, are creating the conditions for seamless travel. Today, they are already enabling the secure digitization of personal identification data, relieving travelers from cumbersome manual processes.

Digital Travel Credentials are the digital confirmation of personal data from analog travel documents and a big step towards a seamless and comfortable travel experience. Apps such as VeriGO MobileTravel Assist from Veridos enable travelers to easily and securely use the required data from their electronic passport in digital authentication processes of authorities, airlines or tour operators – from visa application to boarding and hotel check-in. With special wallet functions, even multiple passport data sets, such as those of family members, can be managed and transferred in a single step. The focus is always on security and GDPR-compliant data handling.

While the analog passport remains the most important document, many routine travel tasks can already be performed using a smartphone or tablet. In addition to offering greater convenience, this development is also a response to the industry’s current challenges: The steadily growing volume of passengers requires more efficient processes that guide travelers quickly through the entire customer journey, while maintaining high security standards.

The use of intelligent applications and Digital Travel Credentials are an important building block in the implementation of a seamless travel concept that aims to minimize the number of times the traveler has to deal with controls and check-in. Through the digitalization and automation of individual steps in the travel planning process, it will be possible in future to fill out all the necessary forms from the comfort of your own home and to use all the innovative services at the airport of the future without contact and in self-service. This is where the benefits of apps that save travelers time and effort with verified digital travel credentials become apparent. VeriGo MobileTravel Assist is the first step towards a fully digitized travel experience.