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The New Portable Two-in-One Spectrometer-Microscope Regula 5006 for Border Checks

Regula has released a new one-of-a-kind compact device for advanced forensic analysis, both in fixed-site and mobile laboratories. With eight light sources, up to 300x on-screen magnification, and an 11 MP camera, the Spectrometer-Microscope Regula 5006 makes it possible to fulfill a wide range of tasks to prove document authenticity or examine criminal evidence with utmost precision. Besides, it is easy to use, since it’s a single-unit device which can connect to a computer directly.

The Regula 5006 is another addition to the family of advanced forensic devices that Regula has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years. A combination of a spectrometer and an electronic microscope, the new device significantly extends the forensic research capabilities for a great variety of objects, from multiple types of documents to various criminal evidence. Compact and portable, the Regula 5006 can be used both in fixed-site laboratories on the second-line border checks and in fieldwork.

As a spectrometer, the Regula 5006 enables examination in visible and ultraviolet light, which is unique on the market. Thanks to the high-resolution 11 MP built-in camera, the device ensures the sharpest image, even at 300x on-screen magnification.

This helps forensic experts:

  • thoroughly verify the authenticity of documents and banknotes by examining their printing method and color specification, searching for alterations, etc.;
  • search for and record micro-objects, such as cloth fibers, blood stains, pieces of glass, unburnt gunpowder, and other evidence of a crime;
  • examine extra-large objects, such as safe burglary tool traces, that are impossible to inspect in a fixed-site lab.   

The Regula 5006 is empowered by Regula Forensic Studio, a professional software solution for obtaining and processing images of examined objects. Thanks to this integration, forensic experts can not only perform analysis with the Regula 5006, but also register and store the examination results in their local databases. Also, Regula Forensic Studio provides access to Regula’s Information Reference Systems (IRS), a detailed knowledge base with meticulously described document security features to refer to when verifying a document or banknote. 

“Our new portable Spectrometer-Microscope Regula 5006 is a game changer for many experts. Despite its compact size, it is a powerful and multi-task device that can facilitate a lot of forensic research. With a variety of light sources, precise image capture capabilities, unrivaled magnification, and powerful software, it can substitute a lot of lab equipment, especially if it is a mobile laboratory. And all this at a reasonable price,” says Arif A. Mamedov, President and CEO at Regula Forensics, Inc.