The Spanish Civil Guard detains in Alicante two fugitives from justice accused of drug trafficking and attempted murder respectively

The Spanish Civil Guard, in separate operations carried out last week, has arrested two people claimed by the authorities of their respective countries, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, in the province of Alicante, specifically in the municipalities of Benidorm and Alfaz del Pi .

The first of them, LJE, 43 years old and of British nationality, was arrested by the UCO’s Team for Fugitives from Justice on June 21 in the Alicante municipality of Benidorm.

LJE is considered by the British authorities to be the leader of a criminal organization dedicated to the distribution and sale of cocaine in a large area of ​​southern England.

The investigation into this person by the Civil Guard is derived from the links of the escaped with the CrimeStoppers platform, in which the Ministry of the Interior and the British authorities requested citizen and institutional collaboration to locate several people with pending cases in the United Kingdom.

Although the first investigations for the location of this person were activated in the province of Malaga, the trail followed by the agents took them to the province of Alicante, where they had important indications of the presence of the fugitive, further reinforced by having knowledge of the imminent transfer of relatives of the fugitive to that province, the latter thanks to the close collaboration of the Civil Guard with the British NCA (National Crime Agency).

After close surveillance of this family group, the investigation focused on a hotel in Benidorm (Alicante), where LJ.E was located and arrested.

CK; up to four different identities

On the other hand, in another operation unrelated to the previous one, the same team of investigators managed to arrest CK, a 35-year-old Dutch citizen, wanted by the Dutch authorities for attempted murder.

According to information provided by the Dutch police, CK opened fire on several people as a result of a settling of accounts between rival gangs, seriously injuring two of them.

The rapid collaboration between the Dutch police and the Civil Guard made it possible to locate this person in the province of Alicante, where it was confirmed that this same person had already been arrested on three occasions with different identities, none of them real, the first two in said province. and the third in Barcelona.

Established an intense surveillance on the criminal environment of the fugitive, it was found that he was already using a fourth false identity, being located and arrested in the Alicante municipality of Alfaz del Pi on June 22, recently arrived from Barcelona.

Arrest in Bulgaria of BM

In addition to the two previous arrests, the Civil Guard, as a result of the aforementioned CrimeStoppers campaign, began an investigation into one of the most wanted fugitives in our country and of more interest to the British authorities, specifically BM, also linked to trafficking of drugs.

In this case, the agents also began the investigation in the province of Malaga, where it was possible to corroborate his residence in at least two addresses, leaving one after another after the publication of the aforementioned campaign.

Following different lines of investigation into this person after fleeing from Malaga, the agents were able to determine that he left our country with false documentation, alerting several European countries of the possible location of this person in their territories, finally achieving his location and arrest by from the Bulgarian authorities on June 13.