The Spanish Civil Guard seizes two and a half tons of hashish on a beach in Tarragona

The Spanish Civil Guard has seized about 2,500 kilos of hashish on a beach near L’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona). The two detainees were surprised while unloading the 77 bundles that have been seized.

During a coastal surveillance service, the Civil Guard has detected how a drug boat was trying to approach land in the beach area called Torrent del Pi, near the town of L’Ametlla de Mar.

Once the protocol for this type of case has been activated, agents specializing in the fight against drug trafficking from the Judicial Police Unit of Tarragona, as well as personnel from the OCON (Operations Coordination Body against Drug Trafficking), supported at all times by The technological resources available to the SIVE (Integrated External Surveillance System) in the province of Tarragona for the control and surveillance of maritime traffic, have been transferred immediately to the area.

Once the narco-boat touched land, agents of the device were able to intervene in the shipment, and arrest the two individuals who were unloading the drug at that time. Finally, 77 bundles of hashish, 51 gasoline drums containing more than a thousand liters of fuel and a van with which they intended to leave the area have been seized. 

Criminal organizations usually provide boats with enough fuel to be able to return to the north coast of the African continent once they have transported the drug to the province of Tarragona.

Investigators from the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard specialized in the fight against drug trafficking have opened an investigation to identify the rest of the people who participated in the stash.

The proceedings and detainees have been made available to the Investigating Court No. 3 on guard duty in Tortosa.

The Civil Guard continues to increase surveillance in this province in order to close a possible access door for hashish to Spain and the rest of Europe, upon noticing an increase in attempts to smuggle narcotic substances on the Catalan coast.