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They set up a “peer partnership” and were transporting Belarusian cigarettes under the peat

Polish Border Guard officers in Ostróda poviat detained 2 women and 4 men smuggling Belarusian cigarettes. The apartments and utility rooms of the detained, as well as a truck with a semi-trailer, were searched. It turned out that the vehicle contains not only peat, but also over 300,000 pieces of Belarusian cigarettes. In the course of the activities, nearly 430 thousand people were disclosed to the inhabitants of the Ostróda poviat. pieces of illegal tobacco products. The estimated value is almost PLN 320 thousand. zloty. In addition, 20 thousand. PLN in cash.

On April 8, the officers from the Border Guard Post in Grzechotki detained another two men who brought cigarettes with Belarusian excise duty to the Community customs territory. The inhabitants of the Ostróda poviat also transported illegal goods in trucks under peat. In two trucks, 820 thousand. pieces. Belarusian tobacco products, worth over 600 thousand. zloty.

The suspects at the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Ostróda with its seat in Morąg heard accusations of importing tobacco products from Belarus to Poland and transporting tobacco products inside the country without the required excise stamps.

If cigarettes hit the Polish market, the State Treasury would lose PLN 1.5 million.