Turin: two drug dealers blocked by the Italian flying squad

Seven packs of drugs, each marked with a photo of a famous footballer or a public figure. This is what was discovered by the policemen of the Turin mobile squad who arrested two drug dealers and seized over 300 kilos of hashish and about 600 thousand euros in cash.

The suspects are two citizens of 44 and 49, entrepreneurs in the clothing and tobacco sector and are accused of drug trafficking.
It all started with a patrol who noticed two people talking from two different cars to the driver of a Spanish articulated lorry.

After a while, the three went to an industrial warehouse in Grugliasco (Turin) and, in a short time, the truck left. Imagining that a shipment of a cargo of narcotic had been made, the agents entered the facility, blocking the two, intent on opening packages containing hashish for a total of 252 kilos of hashish. From a search carried out in the properties of the two suspects, the policemen found and seized another 94 kilos of drugs and 549 thousand euros in cash, a money-counting machine, packaging material and numerous cell phones.