Turkish Customs Enforcement Teams Seize Drugs Hidden in Fiber Quilt and Clothes

In the operation carried out at Denizli Çardak Airport by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce, 29 pieces of methanphetamine in liquid form impregnated in the suitcase and 7 plates of methanphetamine hidden in the quilt fibers were seized.

In the analysis of passengers arriving at Denizli Çardak Airport in the Izmir Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate’s area of ​​responsibility, a passenger from Iran was evaluated as risky. Necessary measures were taken as soon as the plane carrying the suspected drug courier landed at the airport.

While the passenger’s luggage was unloaded from the plane, the narcotic detector was checked with dogs. As the dogs reacted excessively to the suitcases, the luggage, which was thought to contain drugs, was sent to the tapes in the passenger hall in a controlled manner and the passenger was expected to receive the luggage.

The Customs Enforcement teams, who took action for the operation when the passenger received the baggage, stopped the suspect passenger and confiscated the accompanying luggage. The Customs Enforcement teams, suspecting that 29 pieces of clothing in the suitcases were wet and damp, took samples from the liquid in the clothes by the rubbish method. In the analysis of the sample taken with a drug test device, it was determined that it was a methamphetamine type drug.

On the other hand, when the transparent cover carrying the fiber quilt accompanying the courier was opened, it was found that the fiber in this cover was also specially designed to carry drugs, and 7 methamphetamine plates were hidden inside.

It was determined that the drug seized in the quilt was 584 grams of 1 kilogram after weighing, while the amount of the drug in liquid form impregnated on the clothes will be determined after the procedures to be carried out in the criminal laboratory.