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Two guides and 40 migrants, stopped at the border with Hungary

On August 3 policemen from the Petrești Rural Police Department identified a vehicle registered in Slovakia, at the wheel was a 43-year-old man, a Latvian citizen. After carrying out a control on the vehicle, the police identified 20 men, aged between 20 and 40, all citizens of Bangladesh, who did not have identity documents on them. As a result, the Latvian driver, together with the group of 20 Bangladeshi citizens, were taken to the headquarters of STPF Satu Mare in order to continue the investigations.

A few hours later, the border police officers from the Berveni Border Police Sector detected, in the direction of the Berveni locality, another 20 citizens of Afro-Asian origin, heading on foot, towards the border with Hungary, and on the way out of Romania, at PTF Urziceni, a van registered in Slovakia, also driven by a Latvian citizen, aged 42. Following the investigations carried out in the case, the border police established that the driver of the minibus that showed up in Urziceni transported the second group to the border with Hungary, and later he was going to pass through the point to wait for them in Hungary. And in this situation, both he and the group of 20 citizens of Syria, aged between 11 and 47 (10 adults and 10 minors),

They all stated that they intended to reach Italy.