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Two Ukrainians found with 7,500 packs of cigarettes on the northern border

On Sunday, January 2, this year, the border guards from the Tarna Mare Border Police Sector carried out an action to combat cigarette smuggling..

Thus, around 20.00, officers noticed near the state border, four people moving from the state border to the interior of the country, carrying bulky parcels in their backs.

Immediately, our officers challenged the people at which point they abandoned the parcels and fled to the territory of the neighboring state.

As a result of the action, two Ukrainian citizens, aged 21 and 24, respectively, were detained, the other two people fleeing on Ukrainian territory, for which the Ukrainian border authorities were immediately notified about the event, for joint investigation. of the case.

Nine packages were found on the spot and transported to the sector headquarters, where, following the inventory, the amount of 7,500 packs of Duty-Free cigarettes resulted .

The cigarettes worth 87,750 lei were seized for confiscation, and the case is being investigated for the crime of smuggling and fraudulent crossing of the state border , as well as for documenting the entire criminal activity.