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Undeclared gold and silver ornaments worth nearly BGN 74,000 were discovered by the customs officers of the Kapitan Andreevo, Bulgaria

Over half a kilogram of gold and nearly 3 kilograms of silver ornaments were found by the customs officials of the Kapitan Andreevo BCP during two inspections at the beginning of December.

In one of the cases, on 03.12.2022, a bus with Turkish registration arrived at the checkpoint, in which the driver and 19 passengers were traveling from Turkey to Romania. The bus has been selected for a thorough customs inspection. During a personal examination of one of the passengers – a Turkish citizen, articles of yellow metal – rings, chains, bracelets, earrings – were found in the pockets of his coat, trousers and jacket. The expertise carried out by the expert established that the items are made of 14 and 22 carat gold, some of them used, with a total weight of 622.65 grams and a value of BGN 55,714.

A day later, on 04.12.2022, during an inspection of a truck with Turkish registration, transporting group goods from Turkey through Bulgaria to Germany, white metal products were found – 178 rings. They were hidden in one of the boxes in the cargo area of the vehicle. According to the expertise, the rings are 925 silver with a total weight of 2998 grams and a value of BGN 17,988.

The smuggled gold and silver articles were seized. The passenger in the bus and the driver of the truck were issued acts under the Currency Act.

From the beginning of the year to the present at Kapitan Andreevo BCP, the customs officers have detained nearly 136 kg of gold and silver articles. Last month, during an inspection of a bus in two specially built caches, this year’s record of nearly 30 kg of contraband silverware worth over BGN 175,000 was discovered.