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US Border Patrol agents discover people being smuggled in a dump trailer

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents discover people being smuggled inside a dump trailer northwest of Laredo, Texas.

 The incident occurred on August 30, when agents assigned to Laredo West and Laredo North station were working their assigned duties when they noticed some suspicious activity near a ranch, west of I-35.   Border Patrol agents noticed a pickup truck pulling a trailer which appeared to be circumventing the checkpoint on U.S. Highway 83. Agents encountered the truck as it exited the ranch onto State Highway 44. Agents proceeded to speak to the driver of the truck, when they noticed people hidden inside the trailer. 

 Border Patrol agents discovered a total of 61 undocumented individuals who were all crammed in the back of the trailer.  All the people found were in the country illegally.  They were from the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.  They were all taken into custody and processed accordingly. This case was turned over to HSI for further investigation.