Human TraffickingNews

US Border Patrol agents intercepted two human smuggling attempts at the I-35 immigration checkpoint north of Laredo

The incidents occurred within hours of each other on Dec. 6.  The first incident involved a rental box truck with two visible occupants.  A search of the cargo area revealed over 10 undocumented individuals.  The second incident occurred when a vehicle was referred to secondary due to a Service canine alerting to the possible presence of narcotics and/or concealed humans.  A search of the vehicle revealed two undocumented individuals hiding inside the trunk.

Despite the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, smugglers continue to show little or no regard for the safety of our Nation by indiscriminately smuggling not only undocumented individuals, but also criminals and convicted felons into the country.  Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents will continue to keep our country and communities safe from dangerous criminals as they strive to uphold the agency’s Core Values of Vigilance, Service, and Integrity.