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US CBP RGV Agents Seize Multiple Smuggling Vehicles

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents seized three vehicles suspected of being used for human smuggling. The agents’ quick action prevented the smugglers from completing their objective. In a separate case in Roma, Texas, a migrant was dragged and injured by a fleeing smuggler.  

On Nov. 29, a McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agent observed a Dodge Ram and a Chevrolet Avalanche park near some orchard fields in Hidalgo, an area commonly used for human smuggling. The agent neared the area, and noticed multiple subjects emerge from the orchid and run toward the awaiting vehicles. He activated his emergency equipment and the migrants immediately ran back into the orchard. After interviewing the two suspected load vehicle drivers, the agent determined they were both nationals from Mexico illegally in the country. They were placed under arrest and both vehicles were seized.

On Nov. 30, MCS agents encountered another similar situation around the same time and location. As agents were driving on Military Highway, they observed a red sports utility vehicle (SUV) parked on the side of the road and the driver was on the phone. The driver appeared to be looking at an individual running toward the red SUV and who was also on the phone. As the agents made a U-turn, the SUV drove off. Agents conducted a vehicle stop on the red SUV and determined the driver was a Mexican national illegally in the United States. He was placed under arrest and agents seized the vehicle. 

Also on Nov. 30, a Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agent encountered a migrant smuggling event in progress in Roma. As the agent was patrolling, he observed numerous subjects loading into a Ford F150 pickup truck. Upon noticing the Border Patrol vehicle, the driver drove off. A Salvadoran man who was attempting to get into the vehicle was injured as he fell and was dragged from the fleeing vehicle. The agent immediately requested an ambulance and assistance as he rendered aid to the migrant. Responding agents encountered the vehicle with one migrant from El Salvador in the rear seat. The injured migrant was transported and treated at a hospital for his injuries. The driver nor additional migrants were not located after an extensive search of the area.